Favorite Summer Spot - Chauncey Creek


Summer is, unfortunately, winding down. Before it does, I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite summer spots - Chauncey Creek. Now that we are in Golden Harvest and have been delivering down there, it has given me a great excuse to stop into Chauncey while in the neighborhood.

Chauncey has been a favorite of mine since living in Portsmouth, NH a decade or so ago. Chauncey Creek sits right on the Chauncey Creek River. It has a classic family feel. One of my favorite parts? It is BYO anything they don't serve there. You can bring your own wine (I have a suggestion that pairs well with seafood ;) ) your own beer, appetizers, salads, desserts etc. On their menu, they can do lobsters, steamers, fried seafood and more.

Last time I stopped by I sat next to what HAD to be a first date. The boy brought a tablecloth, flowers and a candle. It was adorable... something straight out of a Nicholas Sparks scene. 

So before summer is over, grab a bottle of rha from Golden Harvest and scoot over to Chauncey Creek for a really unique dining experience.