Have you met our new friend ohm's law?

ohm's law - hard cider aged in cinnamon whiskey barrels

We recently put our second product out - ohm's law. This cider is not like many of the ciders you may have gotten used to! Let us tell you a little bit more about it...

ohm’s law is a cider in the English Eastern Counties style. The counties of Kent, Suffolk and Sussex grow most of Britain’s eating apples and also use them for cider-making. Ciders made with dessert fruit are lighter bodied. We embrace this style by using a mix of Maine’s common table apples. The cider is dry and still (no bubbles) like the cider Maine farmers made generations ago.

To really polish this cider off nicely, we let it age for a few months in cinnamon whiskey barrels from our friends at Riverdrive. ohm’s law extracts a boozy, smoky character from the barrel and layers notes of cinnamon & vanilla.

We suggest room temperature sipping by a fire, indoors or out. We see it as a great sipper like a nice bourbon but with a lower ABV (8%). Perfect for fall weather in Maine!

ohm's law is currently available at Lois' Natural Marketplace (Scarborough and Portland), The Farm Stand, Old Port Spirits, Carl's Meat Market, Maine Homestead Market, Oak Hill Beverage, Maine's Pantry, Leroux Kitchen, and Rising Tide Coop. More places will be getting it soon.

Grab a bottle and tell us what you think!

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