Our Products

As a small batch winery, we have a mix of products available all the time. Some are available in stores, some for purchase online and others are only available in the tasting room, in Portland Maine.

Below is the most current list of our rhubarb wines and ciders and how you can get your hands on them.


special release: fête

This very special wine was made specifically for Portland Wine Week. This off-dry wine, with balanced acidity was again made with Maine grown rhubarb from Spiller Farm in Wells and Dole’s Orchard in Limington.

The boat on the label is meant to resemble the Frances, where Wine Wise hosts their fabulous wine sails.

This wine is not available to purchase online but is available at:

  • Our tasting room on Anderson Street

  • Old Port Wine - Commercial Street, Portland

  • Maine’s Pantry - Commercial Street, Portland

  • Grippy Tannins - Middle Street, Portland



for the rhubarb lovers, we want you to meet victoria. named after one of the most popular varieties of rhubarb grown in Maine we made victoria with the hope to bring you back to the days of dipping rhubarb into cups of sugar at your grandparent's house. this wine is tart but sweeter and has that rhubarb zing we love. enjoy!

Compared to: rose

This wine is available by the glass or bottle in the tasting room and you can purchase it online using Vinoshipper.