about us


Pete Dubuc and Amanda O'Brien

Pete and Amanda met when they were both working in radio. Over a decade later and a couple glasses of wine, they made the decision to go into business.

While supporting the buy local and eat local movement we wondered when wine would get a shot. We feel what goes in your glass is just as important as what is on your plate. We believe consumers today want something local, they want something different, but they shouldn't have to comprimise on quality.

Pete Dubuc is a detail-oriented old soul from Western Maine who has always had a fascination with rhubarb. He fondly remembers when it was on the side of the road with a giant sign that said 'FREE'. Years later he wondered what else you could do with rhubarb and started tinkering with a rhubarb wine recipe. It wasn't great but there was something there... he tinkered some more and developed the process and recipe for the flagship product rha.

Amanda O'Brien has been helping grow small businesses in the state of Maine for 12 years. She has been working specifically in the digital marketing space and enjoys teaching businesses how to grow their business online. She is the Director of Business Development at flyte new media and organizer of Social Media Breakfast Maine.

Both Pete and Amanda are pretty Maine obsessed and thrilled to start a business that helps grow other Maine businesses and connect Maine to people in a new way.