Celebrity Lineup at the Tasting Room This Weekend!


We had an amazing time last weekend opening our doors for the first time! Thanks to everyone who came out. It was fun to finally be able to share directly with you what we have been working so hard on.

This weekend we are open again. Pete is traveling for the holiday so Amanda lined up some celebrity wine pourers to assist.

Friday 4-7pm Don Littlefield from the Maine Brew Bus will be taking the night off from your favorite bright green bus and helping out in our tasting room instead. Don's knowledge of the local beverage scene has been crucial as we started on our journey. He even dared to let Amanda be a guest tour guide on the first wine tour they offered!

Saturday 1-4pm Evan McElligot, from Longer Vacations, will be bringing his brogue to the tasting room. Evan has been a huge friend and supporter on our journey. At Longer Vacations, Evan has made a business creating really unique travel itineraries and experiences - many have been wine based trips to some of the greatest wine regions in the world; including Spain, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Austria, and New Zealand.

Saturday 4-7pm Ella Mock, from Urban Farm Fermentory, will be joining us. Urban Farm Fermentory is an experimental urban farm, fermentation factory, and community engagement hub that just happens to be right across the street from us! We love what they are doing and are excited to work with them on projects and events moving forward.

Sunday 1-4pm Abby Sharkey from Lone Pine Brewing will be our co-hostess. Abby and the Lone Pine team have not only been our direct neighbors but they have been our therapists, our sounding board, our meeting space, and we have been lucky to have them as friends on this crazy ride. 

Sunday 4-7pm Pete is BACK! Him and his lovely wife, Sarah, will be closing out the weekend for you. Sarah deserves all the pats on the back we can offer. She has been patient, kind, and fun to put up with us starting a business. You should come meet her and thank her for being so awesome.

This should be fun!

We have four products for you - wintrus, honeoye, ohm, and ohm's law. Descriptions of each are on our home page. We also have sodas from Green Bee

We are currently unable to do bottle sales and as much as it breaks our hearts, we are unable to allow dogs at this time. 

Hope to see you this weekend after your turkey coma wears off!